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Herbal Apprenticeship Program

Beverly’s herbal apprenticeship is a summer-long in-depth class in the herbalist tradition. This tradition understands that humans and animals alike have within them the ability to heal themselves, and that plant medicine strengthens that ability.

An in-depth introduction to the natural plant world

The apprenticeship is taught outdoors in New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains outside Albuquerque, giving you the opportunity to get to know the plants in their natural settings and learn from them directly.

You’ll be introduced to dozens of medicinals and know them as friends by summer’s end.

Beverly has developed a class structure that facilitates almost effortless, fun learning, a structure within which students consistently thrive.

The three-month, 42-hour course of instruction includes the following:

Classification of herbs by actions

We look at the different groups into which herbs fit and establish a vocabulary.

Overview of medicine making

Various preparations used, when to use what and why. We make a fresh plant tincture on the first day of class, and go from there.

Plant identification

We spend as many classes in the field as conditions permit, learning the plants through
the changing season in various altitudes and microclimates. Other classes will be taught
in Beverly’s extensive gardens.

Herbal remedy gardens

We can all plant the medicinals we need. Learn what herbs and “weeds” to encourage!

Certificates are awarded in recognition of the skills that students will have developed during this three-month course, and their ability to apply them wisely in care for themselves, their families and friends. An opportunity to become a certified herbalist is available in a second-year program.

8 students
6–9pm Tuesdays, May 30–September 5, 2017
$495, plus tax; $150 non-refundable deposit
Required texts:
Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West, by Michael Moore
The New Holistic Herbal, by David Hoffman

Email Beverly (beverly@beverlymcfarland.com) to register.

As I think back over the summer to find my fondest apprenticeship memory, I discover recurring joy. The simple joys of herbs are endless. —Linda D.

The things I have learned from this apprenticeship will always be with me. I can now go out into Nature with new knowledge and appreciation for the miracles that are right in our own backyards. —Dave

I spent two summers traipsing up and down the mountain with Beverly, loving every minute of it. She knows every patch of flora and fauna in her vast backyard; in fact, she has long friendships with the plants and generously shares her knowledge and wisdom with her students. If I could, I’d do it again. —Linda O.