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Herb Walks

Enjoy an herb walk, a gentle wander in forest or field, mountain or desert and discover the abundant medicinal plants of New Mexico. Anywhere you look you’ll find at least one healing plant, if not a dozen or more.

That undifferentiated sea of green you’ve looked at all these years becomes a landscape of individual plants with names and even personalities.

Herbal education in the field

On an easy four-hour walk, you’ll learn to recognize the plants that will heal you and the plants you can eat. Safely touch, smell and taste these plants under Beverly’s careful supervision.

Take time to draw or photograph them while she explains their healing properties, how to use them for medicine, and how to grow them in your garden.

Observing where and how the plants grow also gives you an idea of how to create a healthy habitat for them.

Bring a snack or light lunch to eat at the end of the walk while Beverly shows you books that will help you learn more about herbs and shares resources for seeds.

Relax in the healing, natural world.

10 students maximum
Email Beverly (beverly@beverlymcfarland.com) to register.

students on stairs on herb walk

After taking the Traditional Mexican Healing classes at UNM, it was wonderfully refreshing to walk the mountains with you and learn to recognize herbal plants in the wild. —Val

class on trail on herb walk

Thank you, Beverly, for your kindness and faith in clinical herbology and your willingness to teach others. —Jan

beverly with tall gentian on herb walk

This entire process has opened my eyes to so many things that I never really appreciated before. Every herb walk, every magic trip to the mountains brought a renewed bonding with Mother Nature. —Anne