Herbal Medicine

Beverly McFarland is a New Mexico herbalist in the traditional sense: she has a deep connection to the natural world and knows just where to look in the garden, forest or field for healing plants. She knows how to gather these plants with reverence and respect, and how to use them. And she can help you understand what you need to stay healthy—and to support you in applying this understanding.

Certified herbalist

Beverly earned her Clinical Herbalist certification through both Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in 1993 and Dr. Tieraona Low Dog’s New Mexico Herb Institute in 1994. Rather than practice in a clinical setting, she finds her greatest joy in being with the medicinal plants themselves, either in her own garden or in the greater garden of nature.

Herbal medicine classes

Most of Beverly’s courses are taught outdoors, with the plants of New Mexico. She gives you the opportunity to get to know and learn from the plants directly, deepening your inner wisdom and intuition along the way.

Things your course may include, but are not limited to:

  • Plant identification
  • Classification of herbs by action
  • Body systems
  • Symptoms of imbalance
  • Medicine-making
  • Herbal remedy gardens
  • Resources for herbs and equipment

Beverly offers four courses on the herbs of New Mexico and the Southwest, catering to all levels of interest and experience.

Contact Beverly via email: beverly@beverlymcfarland.com.

Learning the processes of tincturing—what fun! It is like learning to cook all over again. —Toni

You have definitely changed the way I think about herbs. Seeing the plants in their environment provides a much deeper experience than learning about an herb that is already dried and prepared. —Carol

Beverly’s respect and reverence for plants is an inspiration. She not only taught us how to identify herbs, she also encouraged us to sit and get to know and love them. —Dave